Shree Damania Darji Gnati

Damania Darji Gnati

- In the early days, like any other part of India, Gujarati Darjis’ staying in Daman are known as Damania Darjis. They were scattered in Daman as well as in Mumbai. They used to get-together and socialise with each other during various occasions such as marriages and festivals. With the increasing interaction and socialization of the people, it gradually took the name “Damania Darji Gnati”, which is today bearing a registered number A-3051Bom.

Among many of the people, a prominent personality known as Mr. Manchhu Pitambar had built a tallest house in Moti Daman, which even today stands to witness the old glory. So great was the visionary that even in those days he knew not only English language, but also German and Russian. He used to organise the festival of Holi near his house and all the community members would get together there to perform Holi Poojan. Even today our members of the present committee and many of the Darji’s residing in Mumbai and Daman perform the pooja at the same place.

After independence Sardar Vallabhbahi Patel initiated movement to amalgamate all the princely states to One India. Diu – Daman and Goa were still under Portuguese rule and to liberate these states from them, Indian government exercised military power to free them. Eventually, in sixties, when these three states were freed from foreign rule, they were administered under Union Territories. During this time, due to unrest constant attack by the military, homes of darjis were not safe in Daman. So many started migrating to Mumbai, as it was their second home.

In order to bring all the Darji’s under one roof, the towering personality and visionary wizard, Manchhu Pitambar established “Shree Damania Darji Mitra Mandal” in 1918, which is registered under A-895 BOM.

The mandal used to collect fund to help the needy and bought them sewing machine, enabling them to earn their bread. Gradually, the Mandal today has become healthier and stronger and is carrying out more disbursement to poor homes.

Damania darji gnati also manages Lalji Maharaj Mandir under the banner of Shree Laxmi Narayan Mandir Trust in Moti Daman to bow their heads with faith. This temple is managed by Shree Damania Darji Gnyati under “Shree Laxminarayan Mandir Trust” (Registered No. A-2069 (BOM)). A poojari is appointed to conduct and perform Pooja everyday.

Shriyut Anandji Lallubhai Vidhyottejak Trust is also a part of Damania Darji Mitra Mandal, which encourages as well as extends help to the students to study further. It also distributes notes books & text books at subsidized rates and scholarships to the students in need, as a helping hand indeed. Shriyut Anandji Lallubhai Vidhyottejak Trust is registered under A-1887 BOM.

To let the people keep in touch and spread the awareness about the progress and the activities of the mandal, a quarterly circular known as “Darji Deepak” is distributed free of cost. This circular covers various events organized by the Mandal like Sneh Sammelan, Havan, celebration of holi festival, details of matrimonial, obituaries, other news and information about community people. The committee members of the Mandal meet on first Sunday of every month to discuss the activities of the Mandal and dole out packages to poor and needy of the Gyanti.

The Sneh Sammelan is arranged just after Diwali where all exchange greetings, it also includes cultural programmes participated by the gnyanti’s enthusiasts, and also S.S.C, H.S.C, Graduates, Post Graduates and Diploma holders are honoured with certificates .
To reachout the Damania’s Diaspora scattered all over the world, the Mandal decided to construct this website, which can be visited by all and stay connected…

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